16 May

Eclipse Creative Design Agency

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We are a Creative Design & Marketing Agency based in a leafy nook between Surrey and Hampshire. We design things, in print, on the web and everything inbetween, that’s the fun in being independent.

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15 May

Havana Bar

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Embracing Cuba’s history, music, rum and famous cigars. We aimed to incorporate the quality and vibe of Havana Bar and Restaurant in to a single scrolling page. Whether it be an animated aperitif or a travelling telephone, elements of the phenomenal food, delicious drinks and general good times are layered over rich textures, drawing you […]

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25 Jul

Rounded Works

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Rounded Works – ikilledapixel.com CSS Gallery

Rounded Works – freelance web developer based in Manchester, UK specialising in standards compliant websites for individuals/businesses of all sizes, and eCommerce solutions.

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